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the instagram

glow up

Let us give your feed a makeover!


We'll supply you with 30 posts (that's 1 month of content) + a beautifully planned out feed!

No more guessing what to post when, just follow our lead!


"Purchasing the Instagram glow up was one of the best purchases of my career! Posi not only strategized + developed an entirely revamped brand image for my wedding planning coaching page, but they came up with the cutest + most creative graphics + quotes that completely transformed the brand overall! When I first saw what they had come up with, I literally gasped because it was just too perfect. I had no notes or edits ~ everything was curated to perfection!"

- Danielle Leilani



We know it's hard to balance it all. 


When running your business is your top priority, posting on Instagram can feel like an uphill battle. 


Learning the algorithm, writing captions, designing your feed, and staying up to date on the latest trends?! It's no wonder the average business owner hires a social media manager!

Social Media Management

 "I don't know what I would do without Posi. I don't have the time to run my business account and my personal Instagram! They have saved me so much time and taken the load off of my shoulders. THANK YOU POSI!"


- Kyle McAuley

IMG_1591 2.JPG


Custom Photo Presets

Ever wonder how brands create a custom + cohesive feed? How they get their colors just right?

Well now, so can you! We design custom presets for YOU + YOUR brand. 

From white + airy to dark + moody, and everything in between ~ we've got you covered!

 "I love my custom preset. My entire feed looks amazing and cohesive! I also love that they taught me how to use it myself."

- Kyle McAuley



A La Carte Services

Need something else? We got you!

Take a look at our a la carte menu for add ons like our content creation, brand decks, web design, and so much more.

You can use these services alone or add them to your monthly management!

 "I had wanted to build a website myself for over a year, but it always ended up at the end of my to-do list. Hiring Crystal was the best investment."

- Melissa Ames



Influencer Courses

Ready to grow your account + partner with brands?

We can teach you how! From brand outreach + community engagement to curating your feed, finding your niche + how to take photos!

Do more of what you love!

Image by Sincerely Media


Social Media Courses

Not gaining traction on Instagram?

Don't worry, we've been there!

Engaging stories, hashtags, growth strategies ~ we can coach you through it all.

Don't waste time being frustrated when you could use that time creating content people love!

"Crystal is very knowledgeable! She definitely opened up my mind to a whole new world! She was also very understanding and patient when I was having trouble. Thanks again!"

- Deji Bankole

love for posi

Public The Agency

"We’re always so grateful to have Crystal’s social media expertise for our projects because she has the rare combination of technical knowledge, campaign strategy and outstanding design capabilities."

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.24.54 PM.png

Danielle Leilani, CEO of Leilani Weddings

"Seriously talented and quick! Their designs are amazing!"

Deji Bankole, CEO + Head of Production at Mental Bullet Media

"Posi is our company’s go-to brand dev because they are amazing at helping us create spot on designs for our clients and their customer service is really great too!"

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 3.43.14 PM.png

Melissa Ames, RunFully Global

"I had wanted to build a website myself for over a year, but it always ended up at the end of my to-do list. Hiring Crystal was the best investment. It is so incredibly valuable to have someone on your side who has an eye for design, knows the ins and outs of website creation, and is dedicated to helping you shape your brand’s feel. And it was so valuable to pay someone to design my site for the accountability and quick turnaround alone."

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