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Public The Agency

Public The Agency is a web of casting professionals across the country. They live in big cities and small towns combining their resources to find real people from every corner of the country. Technology has allowed their industry to evolve into a nimble and efficient process. No matter your project, they structure the perfect team to cast it, edit it, and deliver it all through a streamlined system. 


social strategy + management

graphic design

website makeover


social media management


organic follower growth

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Image by Jacek Dylag

"We’re always so grateful to have Crystal’s social media expertise for our projects because she has the rare combination of technical knowledge, campaign strategy and outstanding design capabilities."

social media campaign

We created custom graphics that were more on brand + utilized the partnership they had with LaurDIY to cross-promote the casting of this new show, which heavily increased their daily page views, impressions, and likes.

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website redesign

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