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Ever wonder how brands create a custom + cohesive feed? How they get their colors just right?

Well now, so can you! We design custom presets for YOU + YOUR brand. 

From white + airy to dark + moody, and everything in between ~ we've got you covered!

A preset is a filter you use consistently on your Instagram posts. A preset is a combination of different photo settings that help you get a very specific look to a photo.

Instead of spending time editing each photo to be similar to your others, you would apply a preset with one click and have a cohesive filter on every photo you apply it to.

By doing this, your Instagram feed will have a custom color scheme that will bring all of your photos together.

what is a preset?

IMG_1591 3.JPG
IMG_1591 2.JPG

how do I use it?

After we assess your brand style and create your custom preset pack, we will send you the preset to use on all of your photos moving forward!

To use your preset, you will need the Adobe Lightroom app (don't worry, it's free).

When we give your preset pack, it will come with a PDF of directions to set your presets up + the rest is one click from there on out.

before + afters

IMG_1448 2.heic
IMG_1448 2.JPG

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Let us give your feed a makeover!


We'll supply you with 30 posts (that's 1 month of content) + a beautifully planned out feed!

No more guessing what to post when, just follow our lead!

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