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Why Hiring a Coach is Worth it

Starting a business is expensive + overwhelming. Trust us, we know!

You're constantly thinking about what to do next, the next blog post to write, what content you need to make, how you're going to learn Instagram reels, and how you're going to eat lunch with all of these tasks on your to-do list!

You may have seen a lot of different types of "coaching" programs on Instagram. Each one a little bit different and offering you different types of advice.

Maybe it's a workout plan, a jumpstart to your mental health, or an Instagram strategy coaching session.

Are you wondering if hiring a coach is worth it?

Here are the benefits of hiring a coach!

Time Management

Why is it worth it?

We can sum this answer down with 2 simple words: time management.

When you're starting/running a business, you don't have time to do a ton of research on what the latest algorithm is on Instagram or why reels need to be X amount of seconds long to be successful.

It's already time consuming enough you have to make the reels, right?

When you hire a coach, you eliminate the dirty work from your list of to-do's. No more scrolling and absorbing information til your brain explodes. No more unanswered questions or confusion. No more trying out a bunch of apps until you figure out what works for you. THIS TAKES HOURS out of your day. Valuable hours that you can be spending on your business.


When you hire a coach, you're also hiring an accountability buddy. Someone to help you reach your goals and stay on track. When you start our coaching session, the first thing we ask you is "what are your goals?" We write them down and figure out how we can work on them together AND we hold you accountable!

No only do we help you, we root for you!!

It can be so encouraging to have someone there to coach you and cheer you on when you get frustrated!

Valuable Information

If you go to a hair salon and look at the menu, you may see that the assistant's haircut is WAY cheaper than the master hairdresser's haircut. That's because the master has put in X amount of hours behind the chair perfecting their skill. They've done all the dirty work to make sure they've honed their craft and are the best at what they do.

Same goes for coaches! When you hire a coach, you're not just getting info on what you can do differently. It's a wealth of information we're giving you that we have researched, vetted, put into practice, and compiled into a digestible format. We're learning new things daily! Tech is constantly changing and it's our job to stay "in the know" and supply you with as much information as possible to help you be successful!

You're paying for waaaaay more than a list of information.

Growing Quicker

As we mentioned before, spending hours a day researching everything there is to know about social media strategies is not an efficient way to use your time.

The leftover hours you have should be spent engaging with your followers and growing your community. More engagement, more followers, and more traffic equals MORE SALES. In the end, you're making more money by investing some money into your business.

Building a business takes work. Building a brand takes work. Social media is not easy and there can be so much false information out there that will simply waste your time.

Stop struggling and trying to find all the answers... HIRE A COACH. You will not be sorry!!

with love + posi vibes,

the posi team

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