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The Posi Holiday Gift Guide (under $100)

Happy holidays!

As work-from-home content creators, we know a thing or two about what it takes to make the magic happen.

From wrist strain to backaches, we've felt all the struggles.

So, if you're a WFHer (work-from-home-er) like us or are looking for the perfect gift for the WFH friend, look no further! Here are the perfect gift options.


Make an ugly laptop stand a thing of the past. This is not only ergonomic by bringing the laptop to eye level, it is also beautifully designed with USB ports built-in!

No more eye-sore on your desk!

Mousepad, but make it pretty.

A white leather mousepad with a built-in wrist rest. Can you say chic af?

Be comfortable and stylish.

Stop straining your wrists and start resting them on an ergonomic wrist rest.

Let us know when you find a prettier one than this. (we'll be on the hunt)

A keyboard is essential for any work-from-homer.

When you start getting aches and pains from using your laptop all the time, it's time to upgrade your workspace (likkkke yesterday).

This is our fave Bluetooth keyboard.

A wireless mouse that mimics a handshake. The rest position is proven to reduce wrist strain + arm fatigue.

We know it looks weird, (or cool ~ we can't decide) but whoever receives this will thank you.

Jazz up a home office with this beautiful gold grid memo board.

We love to put inspirational quotes + our goals for the month on ours.

A marble pen holder to spice up any desk.

We love anything marble or gold...

A mug warmer is the perfect unexpected gift. For someone that is always waiting too long to drink their tea/coffee - this is a lifesaver.


The Content Creator

Every content creator needs a ring light.

Never worry about taking dark and dingy photos again! A ring light will solve a lot of your shooting problems. Plus, a built-in tripod.

For when you need a solid stand. This tripod is THE best.

A mini tabletop tripod that can also be used as an in-hand stabilizer for your videos.

It's easy to use, sturdy, and perfect to bring on the go.


The Work-On-The-Go

Introducing, the BEIS Work Tote.

Okay, so this is over $100.

But, we couldn't NOT show it to you!!

It's the best work tote on the market.

Go from the office to the bar or wherever ~ and look stylish doing it!!

(ya know, once covid is over)

We LOVE this water bottle!

Not just because it has our slogan on it.

It's stainless steel, keeps your water cold, and is super trendy!

Charge on-the-go with style.

Portable chargers are the perfect 2020 stocking stuffer.