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Make Your Logo an Icon

Your logo will make or break your brand... or will it?

You've heard it again + again,

"your logo makes your brand."

"you must have a captivating + different logo or no one will be able to identify you."

Repeat after me,

"It doesn't take a logo to make you an icon. YOU make your logo an icon."

Coco Chanel (original name Gabrielle Chanel) was not the first woman to use the iconic interlocking C's as her logo. Yet, it is now one of the most famous symbols of style and elegance.

When making the Posi logo, we went through a lot of different possibilities. It changed probably 20 times! And, it will still change as we figure out our voice.

"The insecurities + fear that cause us to not post, not put ourselves out there, and ultimately not grow because of opinions of others or simply the fear of failing, are what kills our dreams before they even have a chance."

"black and white is so boring."

"you need a font that is unique."

"you can't just have a one-word logo."

These were all opinions or fears when making the Posi logo.

But, you know what? CHANEL, PRADA, Dior, Diptyque. All brands with a basic black + white logo.

These logos became icons. Do you know why?

Marketing + Brand Awareness

When starting a brand or company, we want everything to be perfect. The logo, the aesthetic, the website, etc. We put tireless hours into every little detail only to end up changing everything a year later. While perfection is indeed the goal, the focus is building. Building your brand + discovering your brand identity comes with time and changing your vision over and over.

Marketing is the key to a successful brand. You can market anything if you do it properly.

That is why your logo doesn't in fact break your brand. Your marketing does.

GOOP (rhymes with poop + frankly is a gross sounding word) is now a well-known cosmetic brand because of, you guessed it, marketing.

~ It also helps a celebrity started it but that also is in line with marketing. Celebs can market anything!

Same with Glossier, Poosh, and Drunk Elephant. All well-known brands that became HUGE because of marketing + brand awareness.

How To Market Your Brand

I'm sure you may be wondering; "how do I market my brand successfully?"

Well, there are 3 key ways to market your brand successfully.

Money, status, appeal.

Enough money can help boost your brand to the front page of anything.

A well-known name, celeb, or influencer can add a lot of credibility and eyes to your brand.

While both of these things will help your brand be seen, if you don't have the "appeal" or an appealing aesthetic, you will not stick. No matter how many influencers say YOUR skinny tea is the best.

Put your money into Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, influencer campaigns, and put your time into the quality of the product.

In conclusion, spend your time building your brand, your aesthetic, and networking.

It will all come together + YOU will make your brand an icon.

with love + posi vibes,

the posi team

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