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How To Batch Content

One of the most difficult things we go through as business owners is finding the time to get everything done.

This is where streamlining your content comes in very handy!

There's no reason why you shouldn't be pre-planning, pre-scheduling, and pre-filming all of your content. Take ONE day of the week where you film reels + write blog posts.

When you batch your content, it simply means to make a lot of content in one day so you're ready to post it ahead of time and are not scrambling for what to post.

We like to film 3 or more reels on Mondays and as we go through the week, we find more reels we want to make and save them for the following Monday!

AND GUESS WHAT!? This is where it gets really insanely easy!!


You heard me right! You don't need fresh ideas for everything all the time.

9 times out of 10, people don't click on blog posts. So making carousels of the blog as a feed post or taking a blurb from it is a great way to utilize one piece of content in a few different ways. Not to mention, repeating information is good! That means they're more likely to retain it.

Take a blog post. You can use a blurb from that blog post for a Twitter post, a shortened version of the post as a carousel post, that post topic for a reel, and so on.

That's 4 different forms of content from that ONE post.

When you create "batch content" you're creating a few different forms of content for each topic so it's ready for the following week!

It's that easy!

Now, pick a day to batch your content out + start posting!

with love + posi vibes,

the posi team

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