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Finding Your Niche

Whether you're just starting out, or 4 years into your business, niching down Is key to growing your following + staying consistent long term.

It can be hard to narrow a choice down when there are so many different topics out there but once you do, you'll realize your grow a more engaged following!

Why is a niche important?

When people come to your page, you want them to follow you for the content you provide. If someone comes to your page wanting fitness tips and all you've been posting for 5 days is beauty + skincare, they're more likely to unfollow you. You should try your best to figure out your specific niche so people know what to expect when they're following you.

For example: Let's take fitness. It's a great start to a niche but still too broad.

Maybe you're the vegan fitness person. Or the booty building fitness person. Maybe people know to come to you when they want quick 10 minute workouts.

Whatever it is, niche it down. Ask yourself, "what am I good at and who do I want to help?"

It's also SUPER helpful to stay on one topic when it comes to preplanning your content. It makes it so much easier when you already know what you're going to talk about.

What blog posts/ reels do you make? Simple - follow your niche.

How do I find my niche?

There are a few key questions you should ask yourself when finding your niche.

"What are you best at?"

"Who is your ideal client?"

"How can you make what you're doing stand out?"

If you love skincare, become a beauty blogger that tries out different skincare products. But how can you make yourself stand out? Maybe you try only clean beauty products. Maybe you only do hair products for dry hair. Maybe you find a unique way to show your products. Are you getting it?

What if I'm good at many things?

We've gotten this question a lot. We know it's hard too because a lot of us are really good at multiple things. Start small. Try one thing at a time until you figure out what sticks.

Once you start trying out all of your talents, gauge what your audience reacts to most and what topic you are able to provide the most information in.

We promise you'll get the hang of it and find the perfect spot you fit in!!

And that's not to say you can't pivot or have a little sprinkle of this and that - just stick to one main idea.

Find your "why"

Why are you passionate about this topic? Do you have a backstory you can share that got you into this? Are you passionate about helping people learn more about this topic?

Finding a strong "why" is important for longevity.

If you're becoming a beauty blogger so you get free products, you're going to have a hard time connecting to your audience. They're not going to feel your passion for beauty or hear your story behind why you fell in love with it!

Don't get discouraged if you don't figure out your niche right away. It takes time to hone in on one topic. Just keep trying + when in doubt, reach out to your audience! You'll learn what they want to see from you and you'll be able to provide the best content for them and yourself!

with love + posi vibes,

the posi team

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