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4 Hashtag Mistakes You're Making

We get these questions a lot:

"why are hashtags important?"

"how do I use hashtags?"

"what do they even do?"

"why are mine not working?"

Hashtags are a very important tool when it comes to growing on social media ~ if you use them correctly. Here are 4 super common hashtag mistakes you can fix right now!

1. you're using too broad of hashtags

Using hashtags that 1M+ people use isn't going to get you anywhere.

If you're a food blogger and you use the hashtag #food , you may as well not use the hashtag at all.

Using too broad of a hashtag will send your post into a black hole of photos.

Instead, when you're creating a list of hashtags, pick out hashtags that have less than 700k posts in it. Find the sweet spot between 100k and 700k.

*You can find how many posts are in the hashtag by searching it on the Instagram search bar and looking underneath the hashtag.

Then, create a list in your notes of as many hashtags related to your niche as you can!

2. you're not using the right amount of hashtags

On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags under your photo. Should you use all 30? Yes. That's 30 chances for exposure.

3. you're not changing up your hashtags

Believe it or not, Instagram will flag you if you use the same hashtags over and over.

MAKE SURE you're changing out your hashtags every 3 posts. Change at least 8-15 hashtags out of the 30 you've saved.

Have 3 different sets or more that you rotate often.

Instagram will think you are a bot if you don't change out your hashtags and it will stop showing your posts.

4. you're not posting your hashtags immediately after you post

Don't wait too long to post those hashtags under your photo! Post them immediately after you post your photo. The longer you wait, the farther your photo will get pushed to the bottom of the hashtag feed.

Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? Don't worry! We all are.

Let us know if you've implemented our tips! We love to hear from you!

with love + posi vibes,

the posi team

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