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Kyle McAuley aka Lunakye is a lifestyle personality, mental health advocate, philanthropist, wedding + event DJ + host of interview series Talking to Earthlings living in Los Angeles, CA. 

Kyle has the ability to connect deeply with people, and as a self-proclaimed humanist, enjoys seeing the value + goodness in human beings. Having struggled with mental health and depression, Kyle aspires to help others  heal + achieve their full potential by remembering that the universe is working for us at all times.


social strategy + management

website design + development

logo design

lifestyle photoshoot

custom preset design


social media management

We started with a brand new feed design, a social media strategy, and a new website. From there, we engaged with Lunakye's followers + created impactful stories that sparked meaningful conversation.


"From my new website to the redesign + complete management of my feed, I am always left in awe of the work the Posi team does!"

LUNAKYE Media Kit.jpg
LUNAKYE Media Kit2.jpg

media kit design

To display his many talents, growing following, and rate for partnerships, we created a deck that he can present to investors and brands he wants to work with.

web design

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