about posi

posi ·/poe-zee/: short for positive.

We describe #posivibes as a feeling or ambiance ~ that cozy corner of that coffee shop you love, a new business idea, even that shimmer the ocean gets when the sun starts setting. Something that makes your soul feel alive.

And we hope to bring that feeling to you.

We are a branding and social media company that specializes in brand development, content creation, social media management, and media design. 

Posi was created with the intention of helping small businesses and brands come to life. We want you to explore that new venture, expand your reach, and do what you've always wanted.

We always say,

"Every great business idea needs someone to believe in it." 

That's where we come in.

Positive vibes are a staple in our company. We believe that when the energy is right, so is the product.

When we hear about your business, we want to feel it. We want to see the color scheme before you even tell us what it is. Knowing what you want is great! Knowing what you NEED, is what we're here for.

Our creative director + CEO, Crystal Stasolla, has been an influencer, blogger, content creator, + media designer for years. She has always loved creating aesthetically pleasing content that makes people's eyes happy. Her Instagram promotes positivity + wellness. One of her mottos is: "Come for the aesthetic photos, stay for the #posivibes", which she has mirrored in Posi's branding.

We just have one rule here ~ #posivibesonly.

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our founder

meet Crystal

Crystal, aka "the aesthetic queen", has years of experience working as a freelance graphic artist, web designer + blogger, and is truly a “Jill of all trades” when it comes to multimedia branding + design.


To date, Crystal has created, designed + executed numerous websites and blogs, graphics, social media design strategies + custom logos for a wide range of clientele, including NBC and HBOMax.

As a native of Italy, Crystal came up with the name Posi, originally short for Positano, to pay homage to her Italian roots. That's also why you may see a slight European influence throughout our social media + website.


She has always believed in spreading positivity + authenticity to her followers across all platforms. She created Posi to help others bring their business idea or brand to life. A true Leo, Crystal is your go-to hype woman when you have a new idea or venture.


"Posi was created from that feeling you get when you have a new idea + are explaining it to your best friend for the first time."


When Crystal isn’t working, she loves to sing, dance, hang out with her cats (Finn and Bella) and drink a cappuccino at one of her favorite local cafes.

sun sign: Leo

fave place to work: cozy coffee shop

something that inspires you: small business owners

fave aesthetic: shadows + aesthetic coffee vids

fave food: avo toast or Sweetgreen salads

go-to coffee order: oat milk capp - kids temp

fave album: Ctrl by Sza

extra whip

meet Sam

our social media manager

Sam Hagen is originally from San Diego, California, and then relocated to Oahu, Hawaii after completing her undergrad at the University of Colorado Boulder. She has experience managing social media for brands in the start-up phase, all the way to very established brands with a large audience. Sam has worked for multiple niches and is always able to discover the best voice and tone for a brand that will connect with its audience. She specializes in analytics, caption writing, engagement + growth, and brand strategy. 

sun sign: Taurus

fave place to work: anywhere with outdoor seating + good vibes

something that inspires you: the ocean or when people are so genuinely passionate about something

fave aesthetic: ocean/tropical

fave food: avo toast

go-to coffee order: iced coffee with almond milk + caramel

fave album: Super Dream by Big Wild or The White Album by Weezer

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